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Hey agnosticators; New guy Jon here. [Rockin']JonnyHardball. [I know it's corny].
Wow, what a first week it's been. I found this community by accident. I have never attempted a go at a social site. I can't imagine finding a more respectable group of people. Where have you/I been? Pausing to smack my forehead. I am impressed by the caliber of women here. Intelligent musings at every turn.
I'm reminded by a Hitch quote that mentioned how in every instance, historically, where women were in charge, everything was better; Health, housing, education, morality, et all. You may have noticed that men tend to be in charge most of the time. Well, I won't waste space reporting on their results.
I know it's schmoozing but, I can't help myself. I really like smart, reasonable women. I hope I don't disappoint any member, of any and ALL genders, by being mean or careless. I do wish I had a more formal, extensive education. That's my way of saying I'm worried I'll be shown to be a knucklehead [or worse].
Finally; and thanks for the platform, I would like to express my gratitude to the two great women who are following my posts as of today [the 18th that is]. I'm tickled to life you would take a chance on me. Keep smiling. Jon.

hardball 6 Aug 19

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Hey man, you forgot to post the "there were no animals harmed in the making of this picture". Tell me I missed it! 😀


I think I’ve already come across you, posting away and replying like you’d been at it for years! Well done and welcome. This a very egalitarian community and nobody looks down on’s journey is education, and now you’re at finishing school!


Welcome aboard Jon! It's a fun place.

Duke Level 8 Aug 19, 2018
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