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Ok....So a couple of years ago I moved back to Trinidad, Colorado. I lived here once before 20 years ago. It's an old Catholic town full of Hispanics and Italians. Go figure. Anyway, last fall I went to the demolition derby at the fairgrounds. At intermission they called for a prayer. Now when I was a kid I was taken to a few big churches. Large groups of people praying didn't really bother me but this prayer at the fairgrounds at the demolition derby creeped me the fuck out. The hair on the back of my neck stood up and chills went through my body. This was a public event and I felt surrounded in a sea of brainwashed zombies who would do anything their conductor told them to do including eat me alive if told to do so. I've only felt that way one other time in my life and it was on the verge of riot at Irvine meadows at a Guns N Roses concert when Axel had worked everyone in the croud into a freanzy. That wasn't near as bad though because that took effort and emotion. This prayer at the demolition derby was like someone snapped their fingers and the whole stadium went into a trance. Creepiest thing I've ever been around and my mom used to drag me to Pentecostal churches as a kid. I'll never go to an event at those fairgrounds again.

Lewdsurfer 5 Aug 20

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Were they praying someone would get hurt to make it more interesting? Or just that people smashing cars together in a well tested arena situation would all come out unhurt, which they usually do with or without a prayer? I hate it at ball games when, after they sing the secular, no mention of god Star Spangled Banner, they feel the need to throw in God Bless America, an adaptation of the British anthem. It is the only time I feel like taking a knee!

I don't know what they were praying about. I was in shock of the creepiness of how everyone around me could be so brainwashed. I just wanted to get out of there but was surrounded by people who suddenly tuned out of reality and were in their trance.

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