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Do you think we have a soul?

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MsHoliday 8 Aug 20

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If it exists, proof would be there. As of now, there is no proof. We are merely electrochemicals with ego problems.


The agnostic answer would be:
Having or not having is irrelevant for objective reality.
You can't measure, you can't tell a phenomenon that depends on it, you can't tell the purpose or need of it, so existing and not interacting with the objective realty or not existing is the same for all purposes.

Then comes the Ignostic answer:
Give me a definition of soul that is consistent and then I can answer your question with a yes, no or irrelevant.

Now for the verb.
Think means rationality and for the sake of reason look the 2 answers above and understand why this question is incomplete. So that is how I think.
If you have used believe than we I can give my (based on feelings) opinion that is no.

I think you're answer is similar to mine....but better ?


I think it's interesting people are asking for clarification on what a soul's definition is as I had this question from my nine year old son this morning and struggled to explain it. For me I think that answers the question on this post. If I can't define it how can I believe I have one?


The Atheist Experience guys often raise a very interesting point on the soul: if there were such a thing, what happens in the case of a brain injury, whereby a person's personality changes completely or worse, they become vegetative? Has their 'soul' become damaged too? Would it go on to survive their body in an altered state? How would that work if the soul's supposed to be eternal and a separate thing from the body?


And why, exactly, would we need one?


I have feelings and the deeper they are the more soul reaching they seem.

Nardi Level 7 Aug 20, 2018

How the heck do you define a soul? What's the point of asking if something exists if you can't define it clearly?


Nope! "Soul" implies "spiritual" to me and then you have to decide what happens to it after death, etc.


No. There's no evidence of that.


Just a makeup of energy with a chemical electric battery body.


The concept of soul is complicated. Maybe we are mere puppets and freedom is a placebo. Heck, who knows


I don't think we have a soul. I tend to think we are a soul.

Me too. It is the essence that makes us unique. That visceral energy within.

@SaucyCheryl zactly


What? No.


It's like asking if there's a God. We have no evidence for it, there is no way to measure it. Some people have "feelings" and that's how they guide their belief.

Can we say for sure there isn't one? No. It's incredibly unlikely though.

We do have soul food though, and that's basically the next best thing.

That is the essence of Agnostic thinking (and I agree).
If it cannot be measured the answer is I don't know, and I have no way to answer, so the answer is irrelevant and should not be taken for any decision or action that (based on a "feeling, tradition, personal and non reproducible experience) extrapolate my own life.


When I listen to music that gives me goose bumps I know we got something. Do not know if it is a soul. I am sure it is not the sort that crazy fundamentalist religious folk think we have. Mine does not need saving.

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