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Has anyone else noticed how commitment phobic many men are these days?

15Zelda 5 Aug 20

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I think a lot of people are realizing they don't have to be in a relationship to be happy.


the older you get the less shit you are prepared to put up with goes both ways i think


Well I'm not sure if it's just men but a lot of people who have already been in long-term relationships now that they're older they really enjoy not being in a serious relationship I know that myself after being married for 27 years I have no desire to be in a marriage whatsoever


Fear of failure,Divorce,losing everything they've worked for and owned? Of course if the husband can't keep it in his pants,there the grounds for the split. I suppose the wedding vows of "Forsaking all other's" are just words......


I've noticed but I don't think I can really say... Lemme think about it... I'll let you know later


Can't say I have noticed, although that would very weird to me seeing I seek women.

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