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So if you saw this would the first words out of your mouth be " God is not smiling on you today?" The only thing I could do was be super passive aggressive and say " Oh I guess SHE isn't!" This is my office, which I am just sitting in now and staring at the boxes...That was the comment a co worker made to me.

GreatNani 8 Aug 20

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She(GOD) blessed you with a place to hide from the kiddies!


That sure looks like Christmas to me. Or like everything I’m waiting for the UPS guy to bring. Makes me smile.

Nothing fun in there! LOL


I guess it would have been awkward if you responded, "Guess I should have included unpacking these when I sold my soul to Satan..."

That is excellent! Will use that next time something comes up!




Blessings! You have blessings from upon high! Her personal work deity must not have thought very much of her.


Awww....thoughts and prayers. LOL

LOL! Thanks! I appreciate it!


Good retort.

Well you know, god could never be a woman for some people! Just had to throw that in my response to be annoying.


And it's not even December 26

4th office move in 5 years. I had construction guys crawling all over the place and when they started popping out of the ceiling I gave up and went somewhere else!


You are having a badddd day....

Well I am laughing about it now. I mean what is with these GOD people! Like if there was a god she would want to punish me by giving me a ton of crap to unpack?

@GreatNani lol didn't think you were mad about the work load.. Take her out back and give her a beating. Just a little beating... You'll feel better ?

@sellinger If I could keep my job and do it I might have! 🙂


I'm kinda slow. is this moving boxes for your office?

These are boxes filled with stuff that I have to unpack and all my idiot coworker could say was God was not smiling on me today!

@GreatNani ahhhh..... sounds like she ain't going to be smiling tomorrow either, as long as that co-worker's still around.

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