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Some thought this Pope would be different. He finally spoke out about the priests raping children. The letter from Pope Francis does not call for resignations; the letter does not call for changes to policy or procedures; the letter does not call for criminal prosecutions.

Instead, Pope Francis calls on Catholics to engage in “penance and prayer” while suggesting that “fasting” is the way to combat sexual abuse: Patheos

"Thoughts and prayers". The Pope is the CEO of one of the largest businesses in the world and this is how he handles his "Rapegate".

rogueflyer 8 Aug 21

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I have a hard time understanding the audacity of asking others to share in prayer and penance. What did ordinary Catholics do except trust that their children would be safe.
It's time for Catholics to rise up against this mesoginist organization and force it to change both who can be a priest and what ought to constitute that lifestyle.

cava Level 7 Aug 21, 2018

It's time for Catholics to rise up and realize it's all smoke and mirrors.


The old expression....The buck stops here , springs to mind. The chief executive is usually expected to resign when his organisation has been found to be corrupt. The whole edifice is rotten it should be demolished. How the faithful can still cling to their belief in god and the church defies comprehension. This Pope is just like all his predecessors, no different from Ratzinger who knew and condoned the abuse and was a closet Nazi to boot. There is no such thing as a reforming Pope.

A policy of saving the church not the children.

@rogueflyer Precisely!


He's a collaborator and an enabler. The entire institution is built on lies and praying on the vulnerable. Words cannot express my disgust

Praying on the "gullible" maybe?

That was witty!


He’s a good actor. I had faith in him but he is no different. Words don’t fix anything. We will never see any kind of action plan. They need to protect the money machine. I can’t even imagine how much they are paying out for these claims.


He feels the whole church is responsible so laity and clergy must both pray and fast for penance.

That should take care of it.


Christianity, as a whole, ignores structural problems and focuses on the failures of individuals. Sometimes that is the correct approach. But here, in a horrid atrocity, this propensity to one-sided blindness in the worldview is on full display.

But will it make a difference? Probably not. If you're gullible enough to believe the story you'll fall in line again.

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