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How dare the pope ask ordinary Catholics to atone for child abuse?


Slava3 7 Aug 21

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I can see why 'ordinary catholics' should atone for their sins.

They have continued to support an immoral system. They have continued to go to church and put money in the coffers when they have no idea how that money has been spent.

They have continued to support the church despite it having been known for years that it has moved paedophile priests around to hide their crimes.

They have continued to support a church that has deliberately protected child rapists from prosecution.

They have continued to support a church that has moved paedophile priests to other areas where they can continue rape children.

They have continued to support a church whose clergy has openly stated that they would not report paedophiles if the confessed to their crimes.

I think they should be really fucking sorry for for continuing to support such an organisation.

Rant over.


Perhaps this was Francis' way of opening the door to a 'flattening' of the Catholic Church? If, after all, so-called 'ordinary Catholics' are to be held to account for the abuses committed by their elders, then the only reasonable response on the part of the parishoners is to re-define the order and to re-construct the lattice work of authority, introducing making the Catholic church more 'congregational' and less hierarchical. Just a thought.


I'm really tempted to ask my dad how he feels about this (he's catholic) but I try to avoid starting fights with my parents.

No fight needed, in my view. But a question about the behavior of the leadership and the cover-ups would seem appropriate, based on the headlines, beginning with the obligatory, "This isn't anything against you, personally, but how do you feel about...[?]"

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