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My friend has just cancelled our plans for the long weekend, just wondering what your favourite activities are to cheer yourself up when you're feeling a bit, 'meh' (which I am now!).

girlwithsmiles 7 Aug 22

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My plans for the weekend all went a bit ... meh. So I have been drinking tea and getting on with some insect identification ... actually identifying flies caught in the Queen's back garden 😉


Road trip (if time allows) or take the dog for a walk in the woods


In the spring I take my camera for a walk in the desert. Not the summer, that is madness.

Great idea, a walk may be in order 🙂


Bing watching comedies, a new TV show, withdrawing from humanity! ?


Taking a day trip somewhere I haven't been or know I enjoy visiting. That seems to do the trick.

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