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shebaloney 6 Aug 22

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I smoked with a stripper because l love marijuana. The accuracy of this thing is uncanny!


I doubt the boobs part


I needed a bag of weed because is sexy like that. I don't even smoke weed... and when I smoked it 40 years ago was to get high, not because it was sexy!!!


I shanked the kool-aid man because I have a noodle in my nose.


I ran shirtless with a toothbrush because hoes keep stealing my tacos.

That is a really good reason to do that. I have wondered.

@dalefvictor what I failed to mention was I made a shiv out of my toothbrush cause those hoes need to learn not to steal my tacos! ?????

@StephC Steeling tocos is the worst. I do not know how you put up with it.


I smoked with the cookie monster because I've got abs


I ate my lover because I love to snort cocain. I’m sure she enjoyed it lol

PaulD Level 5 Aug 22, 2018

I smoked with a bowl of cereal because I had to.
True story


I needed a teletubby because I love marijuana..okay


I can't even repeat mine on public.


There is no way I stabbed a horse and have amazing boobs. I love animals and for the for the boobs thining, I don`t mind fondling someone else's as long as they are on a woman. (a guy with amazing boobs confusing )


Well, mine is apparently tragic. Looks like I'll have a noodle in my nose a long time because I needed a boyfriend.


I stabbed a pot head because I love marijuana. Now I gots to go to jail where there is no weed, great move.


I stabbed a pot head because hoes keep stealing my tacos. I should have stabbed the thieves and shared with the hungry stoner.


I ate a mop, because I'm a pimp.

I bet that tasted a little mushy. I stabbed a guy, I do not know what with. Maybe it was with a mop. Your mop, I'll get off your mop would be clean.

Nov 15, I'm Nov 16, your the closest person by birthday I have known.

@dalefvictor That's not my birthday.

@Donotbelieve are you trying to telll me I cannot read. Well your not the first. Just trying to say hello, do not mean anything in particular.

@Donotbelieve how about Jan 31, am I any closer.

@dalefvictor Bingo
You're on the ball.

@Donotbelieve Yea, sometimes I have to get a lesson on following instructions first, then i can figure out what the words mean.

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