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So my optimistic liberal friends seem to think that yesterday's Cohen/Manafort legal developments are going to be the downfall President Trump. I am concerned that they are underestimating the desperation of the Republicans, and the audacity of this president. I wonder if we are in for a long ugly time of it. What do you think?

Donwhy 6 Aug 23

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No one with the power to make a change cares. Those of us who care don't actually care enough to do what it would take to make a change.


I won't feel ok, no matter who says what.... until I see this...

Xena Level 6 Aug 23, 2018

A lot of people don't understand it's all Faux News now. Their chosen media is going to tell them what they want to hear, in this case that "This is it, this time Trump is done for!" Sigh. I don't know what's going to happen, but Trump is right about one thing, all mainstream news outlets are fake news now.


The first thing is that the dems need to get the house. And maybe make progress in the Senate. The events of the last few days, while on their own, aren't enough....but they are important steps. I have no doubt there is MUCH more to come. We are dealing with, essentially, a crime family.


My rational conservative friends that are walking away from Trump's GOP don't seem to be as optimistic as my liberal friends that his will make much of a difference, or move Trump's disapproval rating down enough for Trump's protectorate in congress to act in any way against him. As long as the GOP is getting THEIR judges appointed, they are fine with anything the Whitehouse says or does.


We are in for an ugly time for sure. Impeachment would be very hard for some to swallow. It seems as if people are digging their heels in. But I live in DC where everything seems like a crisis so I could be over thinking it.


He is on the road to a second term.


The republican congress would need to do something to stop him.There enthusiastic applause of his harmful actions kind of makes me doubt they will do something.

They're accomplishing too much of their agenda, with him taking all the arrows, to allow him to be taken down. Unless the blue wave can fill 2/3 of the senate, he survive any threats of an impeachment.


Your question is a good challenge. Their tactics are criminal and very effective aided by the supporters of Trump. We are really up against it and can only hope our sane leaders can outsmart them.


It's already been a long ugly time. More in store.

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