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As a movie buff...I watch at least 3 new movies a day...I go from horror, drama, thriller, Scifi, fantasy, animation, anime , Modern or old...and have came to the conclusion that if it does not grip me within the first five minutes...I lose all attention whatsoever and get an itchy ass and need to watch something different..what are memorable films to you that you could watch over and over and still be happy to watch again...

James121 7 Aug 23

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The only movies I can watch more than once are musicals.


Remo Williams the adventure begins, The Last Starfighter, On Deadly Ground. There are many more those are just 3 off of the top.

I was trying to track down a free copy of remo williams recently...failed seen them all..recently re watched the last starfighter and it still holds up for the dreamer in

@Dragoria I got tired of hunting for the DVD's so I got Remo on VUDU

and segal was good then as

One of my favorite films of all time was no country for old men...still astonishes me ..and crossroads..was a blast...

@azzow2 I use cartoon hd and showbox for watching, bitlord for downloads...

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