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Curious relationship milestones. My boyfriend and I have been together about a year and a half. I have a "new patient" dr's appointment next week and then sent me paperwork to fill out. "Emergency Contact". Up until now, it's been my daughter. She's the family member who lives nearest to me, but I looked at it and wondered if it should be her...or him?

Things like this catch me unawares. So many ways to "define" a relationship.

KissedbySun 7 Aug 23

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I'd stick with daughter. She can always keep the boyfriend in the loop.


Depends how you view your relationships. . . Do you live with your boyfriend? If not, probably keep your daughter as the contact and give her guidance on who else to inform and under what circumstances ☺


NEVER a boyfriend. Relationships can go south without warning.


Definitely, no doubt, absolutely keep it as your daughter. New boyfriend is just that. And a daughter is the person you want in charge, assuming it is a good relationship.

EMC2 Level 8 Aug 23, 2018

I'd go along with this. If you want to have your daughter get in touch with Mr. New Guy if anything happens. He should have no problem with that.

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