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This was sent to me with the caption.

"Someone asked me to explain my views on racism this morning and I just sent them this picture. Pretty plain and simple..."


By Betty7
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Wow!!! I have finally found my unicorn!!! A black female Atheist!!! A person like me who has family who believes Atheism is Devil worship...


I have said this before, I'll say it again.... six feet under we ALL are exactly the same

IamNobody Level 8 Aug 25, 2018

You're a good egg. smile009.gif

skye724 Level 7 Aug 25, 2018



I see all this talk about racism, and the anecdotal evidence our media loves to milk for all its worth, but I have never actually witnessed it myself, nor have I met any others who have. In fact, everyone I speak to or read, is against it. So if the overwhelming majority of us are against it, then where are all the racists (aside from the small handful of ignorant people the press are so in love with)? Why give them so much attention? If I didn't know better, I would say we are being played against each other in a way that would make Machiavelli proud.

Wow, really? So since you don't witness it personally it doesnt exist. Sit down with any person of color and they can educate you. What amazes me is that we have been speaking of our experiences for years and for some unknown reason (perhaps racism) no one believed us. Now that we are catching people on camera phones, so many people are shocked and wondering what is going on!! Its not new, you just thought we were all liars. Why do you think we are lying? Is there something you think is inherently untrustworthy about us??? And that is just the ugly in your face racism. Thats not the institutional racism or subtle racism (which I think is exemplified by your assumption that is doesnt happen if you don't see it). Getting followed by security in a store because you are brown, having the cops called on you because they assume you don't belong there, having 911 dialed because your color makes someone nervous. Your comments sir are steeped in the privelidge of never having to suffer these embarrassing or offensive situations.


I have spoken to many black people on the subject over the years. And to a person, the ones I have spoken with said they did not experience racism. They said what they experience is the same as anyone else: sometimes things don't go their way - life happens. But there isn't some racial conspiracy lurking around every corner or under some rock. This observation was especially true where blacks from Africa (as in born there) were concerned. One was a professor from Kenya, one a teacher from South Africa, and quite a few were engineers, scientists, and businesspersons from Angola - and to a person, they all thought our obsession with racism in America was ludicrous.

What you think of as racism is simply individual bigotry and ignorance. The odd video of clueless rednecks or skin heads spouting rhetoric they don't understand, or showing their complete lack of intelligence. The same goes for the militant blacks who want to "kill whitey" (there are actually more of them than so-called Nazis and skin heads). Yet our media loves to focus on these fringe groups and try to sell us the idea that Americans are racist ass hats. Bullshit. You are just one more example of the very obvious: that the vast majority of Americans are not racist, and are against racism.

By the way, your condescending words do little to win you any influence or credibility. Save the sophomoric sarcasm for half-wits. I am unimpressed.


Oh, and just for the record, I was pulled over by the police a few years back because they thought I was in the wrong neighborhood. I have also been stopped by the police on three other occasions and harassed for no real reason other than the cop was having a bad day. Must be because of my skin color though, right? I also attended a school for a year where I was mercilessly singled out and attacked on more than one occasion for having the audacity to be white. I even came from a poor family that lived in government subsidized housing until I was 11. So save your condescending lectures about being clueless and having privilege for some wide-eyed kid who believes that whenever anything bad or unfair happens to them, it is because of their skin color.


Typical and completely illogical response. And yet more proof that racism is an individual thing, practiced by a fringe minority. Literally everyone claims to be against it, so where does all the racism come from then?

And so a Racist wil tell you that... trump troll alert you all!

Well, there are many forms of racism. I am a white lady who happens to speak Spanish (mother tongue) and my accent when conversing in English "shows it." I have been told to learn English (I speak this language since I was 6 or 7 y/o, I was told to get rid of my accent and/or forget I speak Spanish. Sure, I educated these people in ways you may not see as "orthodox but were gratifying for me.
Dear, discrimination..whether or not you see / hear it...exists.

The important thing here is not to allow st.....d people to waste your time / stop you from achieving your goals...Didn't stop me.


Sorry to disappoint. I did not vote for Trump, nor can I stand him. And you're awful free with the racist word. I am beginning to question whether any of you even know what the term means.

Here's a challenge: point out a racist for me. Name him or her and show the irrefutable evidence that he/she is a racist. And I am not talking about these silly videos of inconsequential red necks or wannabe "Nazis" who represent less than 1 out of a thousand people in the U.S. Nor am I talking about Maruce Heath and his ignorant brand of Black Panthers calling for a race war and to "kill whitey" and "kill white babies". I'm talking about established, entrenched, systemic racism. Last I checked, blacks have accomplished everything whites have in this country. At least the ones who don't make excuses for life being unfair to everyone.

And the days of old American racism, like what existed prior to the 1970's, is a dying breed of a bygone era. If you pay attention, most racists are over 60, uneducated, rednecks, not very bright, or a combination of the four.

So call me a racist if it makes you feel superior or better, but you could not be more wrong. Name calling is what the weak resort to when someone dares to have a different view, or questions the spoon fed agenda we are constantly bombarded with. In my opinion, one sees exactly what he or she is looking for. But I know quite a few blacks who disagree that there is systemic racism in America anywhere close to even the degree of just a couple of decades ago. Oddly, all of them are successful, too. What a coincidence.


You don't see the applicably to yourself of what you just wrote, do you? How ironic.

@Piratefish i just love it when racism is white splained to me almost as much as when my intelligence level is man splained to me. As a Native American woman with PhD I can tell you with authority that you are perpetuating racism by suggesting that the racism people of color experience is not real.


That's awesome.

MrChange Level 7 Aug 25, 2018

How true! Great analogy!


"It doesn't matter. We're all cooked for breakfast anyhow."

Over easy I hope. smile002.gif


That is brilliant!


So simple, gives me the feels. If only everyone were like minded on the topic

MsNobody Level 5 Aug 25, 2018

I agree. It's not the package that's important, it's what's in the package. The picture illustrates it beautifully. smile001.gif

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