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What the rich are doing to the world & why.

MissaDixon 7 Aug 25

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How many rich people do you know? I worked in Silicon Valley for 11 years, and I know lots of people worth 8 9 or 10 figures. Lots of them drive Tesla’s, use solar panels, and the wealthiest host fundraisers to save the oceans. Many have a smaller carbon footprint than Joe Sixpack who spends weekends driving his speedboat up and down the nearest lake.

BD66 Level 7 Aug 25, 2018

Well, that's that then!


If we can't beat them, should we join them?

Or is that already happening?

they will be joining us directly


They always have. As long as the politicians aspire to join the mega rich instead of serving the interests of the electorate nothing will change. A better calibre of politician is the only thing that will change things.

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