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John McCain was twice the man that Trump will never be!

creative51 8 Aug 26

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He made classical history when he took Shara Palin on as his running mate. I think he figured his chance of winning the presidency was small. He took Shara Pailin on to have an outstanding place in the history books and to have some fun as well. He in all regards was a HERO.


I don't think Trump sets a very high bar, to be fair. McCain at least had principles that seem based on honor and morality, rather than personal profit or political survival. I still don't think McCain did enough for ordinary people or fought hard enough against Trump's excesses.

I am left wing, so I did not agree with the majority of McCain's positions. However he had integrity and decency. We will never have a country where everyone thinks identical, so we need to have people who can discuss differences in a civil manner. He was a shinning example of this.

@creative51 Totally agree - the thing I respect most about McCain is that he respected other people's views


I could not agree more ! .....I am also down with your first two music preferences...jazz and blues...

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