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The trolls from Estonia are alive & well, and on here as well as everywhere else! Be alert to statements that elicit feelings of hatred & distrust for other races/belief systems! If you call the poster on it, they will immediately go into attack mode on you!

AnneWimsey 9 Aug 26

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What is Estonia

Estonia is a captive "state" of Russia... famous for sort-of-english speaking hackers who were paid to spread massive amounts of unrest & misinformation during campaign 2016, specifically geared to destroying Hillary & getting drumpy elected.

@AnneWimsey oh okay thanks for the info I don't follow everything as well as a lot of people so some of the stuff I just am not up on


Do a screen capture when you see that then report them. This is a how to do a screen capture. []


Yep...I've run into a couple here.

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