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Apparently English is no longer my native tongue.

Tried telling someone yes and said eeey

Tried telling someone "but I brought brats" and instead said "but I bra brows"

I think I need to page a stroke alert out on myself lol

LadyAlyxandrea 8 Aug 26

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It's ok...even when I haven't taken meds I can still get my tang tungled

I have an impeech spediment lol


I'm not sure what drugs you are on for your illnesses but I know I have to take Methotrexate it makes me really screwed up and hard to think sometimes especially on shot day I can't think straight for quite a while


Everybody does that...don't sweat it...?


I have those glitches sometimes when I am suffering from insomnia. 😀


When I was on antidepressants, occasionally, my words would come out in a mush of nonsense. I sounded drunk.


I have done this. I wonder if some of my brain functions are going haywire or if some medication is messing my tongue muscle up.


Shortly after moving to Pennsylvania from NJ I uttered the phrase "Lowe's ain't done built yet." It was a frightening moment.


Lol. I take a medication that plays interesting games with my verbal abilities on occasion. My son has taken to writing down my best accidental phrases in a quote book.

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