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Wild Walmart conspiracy theory: Walmart makes the most profit during a recession. Walmart employs shit loads of people. It pays people crap, not just to save money, but to cause more recessions! That way they get paid coming and going. A giant monopoly scam on not only America, but globally as well... and that's my rant...

Randalltague 4 Aug 27

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They may not have planned it that way... but I am sure they find it to be a happy coincidence that it works out well for them.

Personally, I think the minimum wage shoudl also be a living wge, so anyoen who works full time can be self supporting. Many Wal-Mart employees are on food stamps, because their pay is that low that htye qualify.

Think of all the working people who woudl no longer need food stamps if the minimum wage was also a living wage. Walmart is not he only company that underpays employees... they are just the largest.


They charge more for many bulk purchases. They push this idea that buying in bulk saves you money, but there are many cases where the bulk buy costs you more per unit.


You may well be into something.


There is an arts and craft store called Michaels. I would love to have had stock in that company at the beginning when the job market crashed.

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