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And the single men...

MissKathleen 9 Aug 27

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Sounds like a couple I know that live in Pennsylvania. The lady wanted to get the guys attention. He seemingly ignored her all night. So she went to wait in her car. When he got into the parking lot she hit him with the car. They have been married now over 30 years.


Brilliant point eloquently delivered..?


Very true. I do need to get out more.


And if you go out, don't go in a group!


A group may provide some protection . Beware of men who need you to be vunrable .

@Cast1es If that is what makes you comfortable that is fine. You won't meet anyone in a bar that way. You need to figure out a different way to socialize to meet men. I live in bars and women go out all of the time by themselves. If you are not a bar person that is not where you need to go anyway. People in bars are just normal people. If you go where an older crowd hangs out you should be fine. Go with another lady. In a groups, you will almost never meet anyone. By all.means do what makes you comfortable.

@Sticks48 I've read articles on this situation and it is off putting and the reasoning makes sense.
"The wall of women" is daunting. I'm glad I was never a "wall of women" kind of person, altho mixed group setting probably not helpful either.

One girlfriend is fine, altho if she's hotter than you might be an issue. I've been on both sides of this. There's always someone more or less attractive in the mix.

@Qualia And don't turn down the first guy that ask you to dance, even if you are not really attached to him. Other guys see that and they won't ask. When you get turned down that is a long walk back. If you are in a group and a guy asks someone in the group to dance and they say no, what does he do? If he asks someone else they feel like your second choice, so for most guys that kills the whole group.

@Sticks48 great point there! Now I'll have to think back if i"ve ever done that or not. ?

@Qualia lt ain't easy out there. I have been doing this for a long time.

@Sticks48 I never say no when asked to dance. Duh, that's the reason I went there.

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