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I am considering joining our Republican Atheist group, even though I'm more like a socialist. I want to confront some of the uninformed (I'm a polite guy) statements by certain members. Is this considered bad form here?

Donwhy 6 Aug 28

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Good luck with that. Keep us posted.


Whether one is blocked by a group or not, to 'join' them if one isn't a herd thinker is a betrayal by degrees of who you are if you are truly independent. Closed groups are dominated by closed minds. They want like minds and safe spaces. They want to be secure in their shared 'rightness'.

Attempting to reach them, regardless of their self-labeling, isn't possible in direct ways. Groupism based on the comfort of 'like minds' speaks for itself. It is arrested development of the voluntary kind.


It's becoming clear that joining that particular group would not be the right thing to do, and in fact would be blocked by the group.


What are some of the uninformed statements you want to confront?

BD66 Level 8 Aug 28, 2018

Not going there just yet.

You are afraid to list any uninformed statements?

@BD66 The point of this post was not to start a fight, but to ask what was appropriate.

It's not a fight. I think the people in the Conservative Group would welcome intelligent debate. However you aren't willing to list any of the issues you would like to discuss with them.

@BD66 Nope, not willing.


I joined once just to read th posts mostly and they freaked


The Conservative Atheist group says: This is not a debate group, if you do not identify with conservative values, then you are in the wrong group.

So, unfortunately, I do not think you would be welcome there.


Don't expect them to listen.

I picture you being blasted backwards by angry, ignorant Trumptards screaming lies from Faux News.

"If you are a Trump supporter, hit the back button NOW" I wrote in my profile.


You don't actually think they will HEAR you do ya?

Xena Level 6 Aug 28, 2018

The same could be said of both sides though...


No, don't do it. The crazy could infect you!


I've run into a few posts from people that have done the same on this site. They are quickly blocked. Today's republicans, like theists, do not respond positively to facts and evidence. I doubt you will make any inroads but good luck.


That’s like walking into a nest of yellowjackets. I wouldn’t recommend it. I would never do it myself. I steer clear of trump and GOP supporters, gun nuts, and bigots. Not that they all fit each description, but one is enough. Life is too short.

And, for me, I would never join a group in which I did not have a genuine interest, or already felt a part of in some way.

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