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I made a terrible mistake. I sent a msg to a member here saying basically that I liked his mind and that if he were closer, I think that he and I would have some deep and interesting conversations. He responded with his contact information and lots of open and generous information about himself. That was last week. I never called. My poor excuse is that I have been busy preparing for a three-day business trip. I had to complete a presentation, gather materials, finalize vehicle and accommodations, plus the never ending meetings that take up precious productive time. I got everything done and I'm leaving first thing tomorrow morning. I won't be back in town until Saturday. Since everything is done, including luggage, I decided to call him tonight. When I went to my inbox for his phone, I discovered he's disappeared. I don't blame him one bit. I hurt his feelings and I deserve it. I've been blocked. He was obviously a very nice man. And I am very obviously a very rude woman for ignoring this nice man for too long. :/

LilAtheistLady 7 Aug 28

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ah well fucked that one up in a way only modern tech allows for and whilst people are saying he was needy blah blah he may have just thought he was some how scammed and decided to just quit everyone on here who has used online dating sites seem to have a plethora of scammer stories

Punctuation is your friend.

@Secretguy so is a brain injury making that all but impossible but hey thanks for pointing out the fcking obvious what would the world do without people like you oh right get on much better

@weeman Well....since trying to make sense of what you write is an exercise in futility, I will block you.


Shit happens. Don't beat up on yourself.


If he blocked you for not being quick enough with a response in a setting as relaxed as this, how would he react in person in similar situations? While nobody wants to find out they've been summarily blocked, maybe this one was for the best.


Actually, he seems like a needy, over sensitive dick. You're likely better off.


Priorities! How long would a polite responbse actually have taken??! So the next question is, are you Really acting on what you want, or what you Think you should want? Dishonesty with yourself is the Worst!

I agree.


Blocking seems harsh and may be a little temperamental. We all get busy. Shame.


Don’t worry, he obviously had an impatient streak. Could have been a lucky escape.

Livia Level 6 Aug 29, 2018

This online meeting thing is a whole new frontier. I'm sorry that happened to you both.
One thing I've found that is really nice is when someone breaks it down & while it seems clingy, is really great , just touching base until a freer moment, even if to collect thoughts.

But yeah, he was probably reading very hard between the lines a worst case scenario. I may be projecting but that's how I would feel. Carpe diem and all that.


Maybe he will read this post and get back to you, if not, concentrate on your trip and when you get back see if there are any others who sound like you could hit it off with. It would appear he was expecting an immediate response from you, without knowing whether you were able to do so or not. Perhaps he wasn’t the right one for you, it seems to me rather extreme to block someone so quickly and without reason.


Oops oh well don't beat yourself up too bad you're only human and we all make mistakes evidently this wasn't the right one and we all can always try to do better and be better but that certainly doesn't mean that you're a bad person just maybe a little bit overworked over stressed and forgetful


Maybe he's a bit too sensitive or reads too much into a little bit of silence, without waiting for an explanation. Or maybe he's not really available for more than a few days at a time to have a conversation with a lady. Or maybe he's got other things going on where he needs to lay low for a while and go off the site. Who knows... I wouldn't lose any sleep over it. Take care of your self first, with attention to your packing and trip.

If he reappears, perhaps you each will give each other some grace and continue with your communication if you are both okay with each other's reasons, and with better understanding of each other's lives. If not, well, let it rest and don't worry about it. You did nothing wrong. Impatience has it's consequences. Some things are worth the wait.


If he's that impatient perhaps you dodged a bullet

Remi Level 7 Aug 29, 2018

Sorry to hear that.

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