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Can someone explain golfing to me? Like how is that fun?
While I'm certainly not blind my eyesight isn't THAT great.
Just curious. Clue me in.

Qualia 8 Aug 28

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I love Dave Barry's take on golf:

"Fishing is very similar to golf because in both sports you hold a long skinny thing in you hand while nothing happens for days at a time."

LOL Thank you Kathleen.


When I was in college, I got to be pretty good at golf. And then all of a sudden, I hit a bad streak that lasted for a while. I got scores worse than the first time I ever played. I finally snapped when I missed a putt less than a foot long, and I wrapped every club I had around a tree next to that hole and threw them all into the woods. I have never regretted that fit of anger. So I don't reckon I can clue you in. LOL

LMAO Kevin! Yeah you're really selling it! Tho your experience reminds me of mine with bowling! I started off kicking ass then it was alllllll gutters & even behind me after that!

Someone, somewhere is having fun coming across those golf clubs of yours no doubt with a metal detector. Now that sounds like a good time.LOL

@Qualia Here's a film version of what I think of golf.

@DharmaBum50 OH I fucking LOVE that movie! What a classic! ????

@Qualia Love that movie

@DharmaBum50 This is so right, what a waste of land. Plant some damn trees and have a picnic.


I grew up in a lakeside home in Michigan with a golf course on the other side of the house. We lived five houses down from the first tee. We had to keep our garage door closed.

One of my most enduring childhood memories was watching frustrated men heave their golf clubs into the pond and stomp away. I decided never to play such a frustrating sport, chasing a little white ball.

"Lady, down, stay" we kids ordered our 100-lb. black Labrador Retriever. Golf balls plopped on the lawn. Golfers took one look at the big dog and kept going.

We'd release Lady and sell golf balls back to golfers at the end of the street.

OMG what a picture you're painting here! I'd not be thrilled having to dodge golf balls at my own house! And worried my dogs would eat them too. This is a head's up never to move near one either, altho just the grass maintenance chemicals alone would put me off the idea.


There were five people with cancer in the first nine houses on Golfside Drive, including my father. Our wells were on the lake side of the houses.

You're right about toxic chemicals.

Mom starting bringing in bottled water in 1977, after Dad was diagnosed with colon cancer. He died at age 51 a year later.

@LiterateHiker Oh no I'm so sorry . 51!!!! That's too damned young!
I look at farmland this way too now though. Yes it looks beautiful, but you've got to consider what's used in the area to keep it that way. Scary.


I actually tried it a time or two to see what it was that I was missing. Turns out - nothing, I wasn't missing a damned thing.

LOL thank you for that.
Apparently golfing is a thing in my area, at least on bumble. wtf

@Qualia Quite popular around here too. Co-workers would schedule afternoons off of work to golf. Had a friend who would pack her clubs to go on vacation.
WTF is right.

@itsmedammit Yeah I don't get it for sure. This thread isn't helping. LOL


I always have a great time, provided I can get around the windmill in less than 2 strokes. Some courses have a giant turtle or something, those are always nice to look at.

What's a turtle??? Like a live one or is that some kind of structural term.

@Qualia Like a statue of a turtle. 🙂

@Paul4747 Oooooh! LMFAO!


Not a Rosie O'Donnell fan, but I think she captured the essence of golf for me when she said, "Golf is not a sport. Golf is men in ugly clothes, walking."

re:RO, speaking from personal exp , her HBO standup "A Heartfelt Standup" was very personally relevant when I had a dehydrated heart attack. I'd urge all women to watch that. It could save a life.

Her words kept looping in my head as I was feverishly trying to put a holter monitor vest on one of my dogs thinking "shit I feel awful, maybe I should be strapping this thing on me"... 2 days later, CATH lab!


The great thing about golf is you’re really competing against yourself. It’s a technically difficult and yes, expensive game. I enjoy it myself.


I love not golfing.


Mark Twain described golf as “a long walk spoiled”

SkipD Level 3 Aug 29, 2018

is it just me, or do others have their replies posted in triplicate?

@SkipD Just you.


I went golfing, once ONCE. I’d rather watch grass grow, than play golf. But that’s me!


It's a bunch of drunkassed boys chasing their small balls around a greenway all damn morning into afternoon..

LMAO you slay me Charlene.

yeah yanno I'm trying to think of a way I could live with that. I'd be taking off on the golf cart or something.

@Qualia just be sure to take the booze & beer with you..????


The very first thing that happened where I really enjoyed doing golf was the feeling of long, effortless flight of the ball that I caused. Everything at that moment felt right and I wanted to reproduce that. Every once in a while, I re-experienced that feeling, and with increasing frequency, which kept me going. I've had similar experiences like that doing other things - biking, motorcycling, running, jumping over fences when I was a kid, taking photographs, singing, conveying my ideas to someone else. So, I tend to look for things to do that give me that feeling. But I often forget to do that.

Thank you for your perspective. Trying to imagine myself achieving that feeling through golf still escapes me but you've explained it well.

It was nice while it lasted. I don't any more.


I played golf once. It was hot. It wasn't really that fun for me. Still I managed to come in under double par on my first try, which I guess wasn't bad. I just had no deaire to try it again.


Golf is a game of self mental control. Even if you are playing in a group, how you play is determined by your own mindset. Each time you step up to the ball, no matter how well you hit it the the last time, how well your game has gone to that moment, your immediate concentration will determine how you you hit the ball this time. Your stance, the lie of the ball, the depth of the grass, the club you chose, your swing fulcrum, the power of your swing, movement of your body, ability to focus on your ball through the entire swing. So many points at which a minor error can severely affect the flight of that ball. Even on the green, the slope of the green, the height and texture of the grass, the moisture on the grass have to be taken into account. It is like playing chess against nature, with every move against a different opponent. ?⛳️

This explains a lot thank you. It seems to me so many forces against you to whack this tiny little thing just so.

@Qualia That's the challenge. I used to play, just because my parents played and it was a way to spend time together. You can go out one day and do great, go out a day later and look like you never played the game before. It really is a mind control game.


its a nice walk usually with friends some mild rivalry with frustration thrown in and you end up in a pub


Mark Twain described golf as “a long walk spoiled”

SkipD Level 3 Aug 29, 2018

Someone already said it...... If you like watching grass grow then you're all set


You would have to ask my ex. Plays it, watches it and spends enormous amounts of money on it.

Yikes. But then who am I, showing a dog is a money pit too. I wonder which is spendier tbh.


Well lets see now - Many years ago my brother and I played the short courses with just irons for awhile. Then we got brave and went to the big course. Well, my first time out i shot a 75!! Unfortunately we did not have time for the back nine. had fun but that was the last time on the big course and also the last time I held a club (golf) in my hand.


It is incredibly difficult. When you are playing hitting that little fucking ball is all you are focused on. Like sex it takes you away from the bullshit in your life, but it takes four hours. You are usually in a park like environment and hanging out with your friend or friends. That is my experience with the game.

1 pt for golf, a million to go. Good going Sticks! 🙂

Yeah, that's another problem, it takes soooo long. Geez.

@itsmedammit l agree. We had a 9 hole course here the the University closed. 9 holes is perfect for me. Some courses have a 9 hole rate, but it isn't much of a break price wise. I have been thinking of giving it up.


Well it's certainly not my game but as I always like to say it's a big world with lots of people and there's Different Strokes for different I love video games at 56 years old and some people think I'm retarded but hey it's what I like so I just do me and try to leave everybody their own space and let them enjoy whatever they want we're all just killing time anyway

I'm asking because it's rife with guys listed on bumble as a passion. I've never dated a golfer(and I so want to type out gopher here) and associate the past time with a yuppie mindset that's not terribly appealing to me.

@Qualia see now if people played it with actual Gophers it might be kind of fun


Mark Twain described golf as “a long walk spoiled”

SkipD Level 3 Aug 29, 2018
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