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Not sure how many of you deal with your ex's, but, every time I have to, I am grateful to the 'God's' that don't exist that we are no longer married. Such an unhelpful, nasty, Trump supporting man.

GreatNani 8 Aug 29

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My ex and we use to talk about once a month. I was a shoulder for her misadventures. But I moved to Missouri and she moved and changed her telephone number, and have not talked with her for almost 20 years. We loved each other but werre going to kill each other. A toxic relationship at best.


Understand. I took.years of abuse because men don't fight back in my generation

Very difficult. Women can also be abusive


I sympathize, my ex is the cruelest person I have personally met. I would say that it's amazing how much a person can change, but the truth is I think I just never saw the real her till we parted. Live and learn.

Maybe you did not see the real her, but maybe she changed as time went on.

But either way you are lucky to be done.

@GreatNani By the way you do not look like a Grandma!

@marksam8484 Thanks!


I wish I was your ex. 🙂

You mean so every time I see you I would roll my eyes and think what an ass?🙂

@GreatNani As if you don't now....


I no longer deal with my ex. It is personal. Just happened. I am Okay with it. Need to know basis for the rest of the world. She don't even know it... Really nobody knows but me... and you guys, but she will find out sooner or later.


I know what you mean. When my ex said he was divorcing me, I went around the corner and danced a jig for joy. It was like hitting my head against the wall for 22 years, and finally stopping.

Whenever my ex called to scream, lie, and accuse, it only made me happy because I could hang up and know I wasn't married to him anymore.

Even my daughter remarked afterward, "I love Daddy, but it's so nice and peaceful now!"

Yes same! After 22 years his ass was kicked to the curb and I am a much more pleasant person. I forgot who he is, asked him to come help me with our granddaughters car seat, and he is just such a selfish person he wouldn't do it. And he is a Trump supporter!

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