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A referendum to repeal the Blasphemy Law is to be held here in Ireland in October. My opinion is that it will be an overwhelming Yes to repeal. Ireland is getting more secular every day. And about time too.

Happyheretic 7 Aug 29

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Yes, Ireland is making progress... maybe it is a by-product of the astonishing economic development of the last two decades? Unfortunately, not only secularism is on the rise, but also growing socio-economic inequality.


I have been wondering how that was coming. Happy repealing!


I wish you and all your people the best. My family hails from Mayo county. I am proud of my predominantly Irish heritage because of the strength of the people through the centuries. That strength isn’t defined by any faith. However, I have faith that the strong, independent people of Ireland will do what’s right for fellow human beings


It's a real joy to see Ireland bit by bit throw off the influence of the Catholic Church. It's taken longer than many other countries of Europe but better late than never perhaps you can show that other priest riddled country Poland how its done. Long live a free and liberal Ireland.


I hope so. I can only see Muslims complaining.


If I could pick a new country to live in, it'd be the Motherland. The US seems to be getting less secular.

Deb57 Level 8 Aug 29, 2018

Unfortunately for America that is what the stats are showing. The greatest country in the world brought down by religion.


It radical as hell to have a law like that on the books. Good luck with the repeal.


Considering what the Catholic Church has done to the Irish people, it's no surprise you're moving at last to a more secular society and government. It's extraordinary that any modern nation has something as ridiculous as a blasphemy law on its books. Good luck!

Thank you very much! The Catholic Church has caused havoc here in Ireland as it has in every other country. In my lifetime I have seen its powers dwindle from dictatator like to a mere whimper.

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