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I usually don't like to discuss politics, but though Ron DeSantis did or should have done himself a disservice when discussing Andrew Gillum. Floridian's like myself should see that he is a Trump clone and should distance themselves from him. Just because you claim to be a Republican or conservative, is not an excuse to vote for this man. Perpetuating hate is not the sign of a leader and makes a worse voter.

By Gohan7
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both BlueREDS AND RedBLUES are corrupt duopolists....bribed by competing corporations buying influence from both parties acting as one....increasing minimum wage job rolls IS NOT GROWING THE ECONOMY BUT it is enslaving the poor to continued no growth lifestyles....states and cities that have increased the minimum wage laws are victim of retaliatory employers who don't want to raise prices to support their workers lifestyle improvements.... when any worker is allowed to buy into Medicare regardless of age, the system pays for itself and will cause killer insurance companies to liquidate their vast lavish holdings... many of the insurance coding clerks will get hired by hospitals to run a single payor system....growing the economy really means lifting most boats NOT INCREASING BILLIONAIRE holdings


The fact that a politician running for office can play to racism, even dog whistle racism, under the belief that it appeals to a majority of voters, is a very sad tale in America today. These guys need to be loudly repudiated.

Byrdsfan Level 8 Aug 30, 2018

Well said !!!

Xena Level 6 Aug 30, 2018

Who knows. Some Floridians will see it as a wink wink, I'm a racist too.


Agreed. Bad move on his part but indicative of his mind set.

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