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Today could be my last day with my employer. I should have my answer around 10 am CDT. A relief in many ways.

HippieChick58 9 Aug 30

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Retirement? Lay-off? Quitting?

I resigned. I will work through next Friday but no new cases. I am not able to handle the full caseload and was not willing to go through the PIP procedures. It's better for my sanity just to walk away.

@HippieChick58 'PIP'? What's the job?

@kmdskit3 PIP is Performance Improvement Plan. I work as a Claims Examiner for short term disability. Lots of moving parts so to speak, lots of details. There are contacts, financial pieces, medical pieces, and customer service. The medical I got, financial and contracts, geeze.

@HippieChick58 Does sound like a lot. Anything lined up or are you just gonna take a breather?

@kmdskit3 Taking a breather for a few weeks. One of my kids has a 5 month old and she will be having surgery at the end of September. I will be able to help them out and then worry about a job. I have a crap ton of stuff to get done around my house, I need to declutter and streamline my stuff.

@HippieChick58 Sounds better than how you described your job!


I was actually mentally prepared to be escorted out by security. However, we agreed that I could resign and work down my caseload for the next week. So my last day at work is a week from tomorrow. They did suggest I take the rest of the day off, which was wise. It is a tough job, lots of "moving parts." I could deal ok with a load of 60 to 70 claims, but they want us to manage over 100. And my manager has said many times it is not a good fit for just anyone. I tried my damndest, but there comes a point you have to stop killing yourself. My anxiety levels have been off the charts for a very long time. My oldest will be having surgery in a few weeks, I will be available to help her with the baby as she recovers. And then I will seriously look for a new job.

@sweetcharlotte My manager did mention that several times. I'm a great person, and maybe too caring. Could be a worse epitaph.


Good luck !


I handed in my notice last week. Such a relief. Hope you get the outcome you want. 😀


Oh my !!! Hoping for the best for you !

Ohub Level 7 Aug 30, 2018

Do you want it to be?

I was ready to leave today. It's a stressful job. Instead I'm working my caseload down for the next week, and I have a paid holiday on Monday. Could have been worse. It is a relief, aside from losing health care coverage. Life in the US.

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