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I want to start a group here along the lines

GUNS for all: gays, lesbians, progressive liberals: the whole range

PontifexMarximus 8 Aug 30

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Are you fucking serious? No way I would have a gun, or be involved with someone who had a gun. It’s completely unnecessary and is a risk to all.

Livia Level 6 Aug 30, 2018

This initiative is a reaction to another post by the ProGun nuts ... who are also active in the conservative group in this site where they promote "traditional values" ...

@PontifexMarximus in that case, see you on the range tomorrow with my girlfriend!

@Livia perhaps with these paint guns ... have fun!


Yes indeed....the white snipers and so on need to be taken OUT!


Yah...because there just aren't enough shootings.


Not just guns for the conservatives but for all...

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