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Today is the last day of babysitting my granddaughter. I have learned so much! She showed me how to clean up my phone, talk to Alexa and how to make shopping lists with Siri. Not sure if I feel better about knowing Roblox - she plays it all the time. We had small discussions about god and religion- nobody after my generation has been indoctrinated , saved or baptized. She is very hazy on the whole religious story but she believes there is a god and a devil.
I really need to take a look at the games she plays online to see what imagery and messages are being sold to these kids.
But in the meantime, now I have three experts to call on if something goes wrong with my i-phone.

Spinliesel 8 Aug 31

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Just like kids grow out of believing in Santa and the Eater Bunny, she may yet grow out of believing in god.

In the meantime, brush up on and then teach her about "Logical Fallacies". You woudl at leat pont her in the direction of beign a free thinker.

After today's sprint of getting her math assignment done, I would settle for a kid who has learned the multiplication tables to 15x15 by rote method. Isn't there anything taught that way anymore? Oh well, as long as we have Siri and Alexa.


So who was babysitting who?

Oh by the way LOL


My kids fuss sometimes when I don't have a grasp of new technology, and I say "Hey, I taught you to eat with a spoon." We all laugh and they tell me I'm pretty. I may have to rethink that will.


LOL sounds like a fun time.

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