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I really have been trying to digest the present trump phenomena. I just can not believe that he remains popular with so many people. He lies constantly, perceives anyone who disagrees with him as an enemy, even speaks I'll of his uneducated base, stating he prefers "Ivy Leaguers", ridicules everyone in the most hoffific way, demonstrates no decency, no respect or true regard for any ethic. So what philosophical concept would apply to this fellow's followers?

Happyonearth 7 Aug 31

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Everyone lies it is just human nature to be creative. The cheating thing I never agree with that shit ruins families and peoples lives. I have first-hand knowledge of this bad behavior. However, people make mistakes can't change the past. Why hold it against them? Congress can't control him so he to them is a loose cannon so of course, they are going to say and do snide things to him. The people in Congres are also leaders when they commit bad acts the people that follow them are going to take the example and do even worse bad acts.


According to a friend , Trump , the businessman , has recharged the economy by supporting big business . In my opinion , he routinely screws everyone else .

Your friend has a point. The tax breaks for corporations has enabled those corporations to buy their own stocks which has in turn inflated the stock market. That does not really reach the middle class. They and the poor, as usual, are fucked

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