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Donotbelieve 9 Sep 1

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So listening to the song at first, I was thinking Oddisee (circa Odd Seasons) meets RJD2... Then I listened to the album, and I kept thinking that it reminded me of someone else, but i couldn't put my finger on it. And then it hit me... Thundercat! The funky bass, the super cool chords and crazy progressions, the airy vocals. It's very reminiscent of Drunk, if a little less trippy. I like it.

And "Youth Lagoon" with a little "Tame Impala" thrown in for good measure.

@Donotbelieve I tried Tame Impala. A co-worker at my last job who's musical taste I'd really enjoyed recommended them. Wasn't really impressed. He said I should try their more recent stuff first (I started from the beginning) but I never got around to it. I might swing back around though, maybe...

@ghettophilosopher Oh, hell no. They made one good album and only a few good songs on there. Their first album.

The second only had one good song. It was a huge disappointment.

"Youth Lagoon" has one good song. "Dropla".

@Donotbelieve Ha! I'll try it again, but I honestly just remember being bored with it. I'll let you know if I come to a different conclusion the second time around.

@ghettophilosopher Up to you


They had another song with a funny title: "Not In Love We're Just High". It seems all their songs are trippy.

godef Level 7 Sep 1, 2018

so much cool at once. this is super!


What is up with the hot Russian ladies add on this video?

No idea. I guess you lucked out.

@Donotbelieve Why can it be just above average women from the USA add?

@azzow2 I don't know or care.


Needed something like this to breathe life into the playlist. Thank you!

Any time, check out their album, "Sex & Food".

@Donotbelieve already saved to my Amazon music. Thank you again!

@MFAtheist "American Guilt" is my favorite song on that album.

@Donotbelieve Just about to hit that track now. So far I've enjoyed this whole album.

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