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Welp, my days on Bumble are wearing thin after just a few short days.
What would your replies to this be I wonder?
I was given this "gem" after a thoughtful greeting and had never heard it before & had to google it, because well....Imma noob.

"Do I look like your future ex boyfriend?"

and that was it. And this was after I caved and gave the guy a pass for clearly being a sports fanatic. Otherwise the profile was humorous, lampooning the stereotypical profile of guys pictured running marathons, climbing mountains, holding giant fish etc

Cyrano De Bergerac me anyone?

Qualia 8 Sep 2

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Oh i guess I should update this. I deleted him. That's all he said.


“Do you hit and run in your car as well?”


I award 1/2 point for successfully foreseeing that he wouldn't last long. At least he got the relationship over with, and spared the awkward breakup.


Come on people, help me think of a zingy reply. It's left me speechless.


Possibly trying to be funny? Not sure, but poor guy if that's the best he can do.


I am sorry this happened you. make up for it, I shall bestow my witty smart-assery on you with Brad Pitt as my “face”.

? re😟BP) He's not my type though, like, at all. He'd have to try really hard to get in my head.
My late husband was infinitely hotter. LOL


So he tries to be humorous and you're pissed off?

No "Hi"? No follow up? It's a very snarky response.
If you said that what would it mean coming from you? Is it supposed to be a compliment?

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