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Reasons you should date me:

I'm too lazy to cheat

The only men into me are older than my parents so you don't need to be jealous

I can cook delicious food

I play lots of video games

I like action movies

I can hold an intellegent conversation

I'm pretty funny sometimes

I can quote every MCU movie

Ummmm I have pets

I'm not too terrible to look at?


LadyAlyxandrea 8 Sep 2

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now whilst im not even remotely looking for any one your post reminds me of my dad he had cards printed up which had 5 or 6 points like, i like to chat i make a mean chilli racists can fuck off etc and it fucking worked for him lost count of the number of women i had awkward convos with when i was living with him, there was him 55 or so and me 28 and every weekend it was him going for a coffee on sunday morning with a random stranger whilst i twiddled my thumbs and did laundry
get that shit printed on cards and hit the clubs who knows 😛


/e checks age, mutters under his breath, "crap" and continues to move along.

hey I enjoy our conversations you know We can still be friends lol

@LadyAlyxandrea Is this what it means to be friendzoned? I might be too olde and decrepit to be able to tell. 🙂

@Gnarloc lmfao yes but this is one not out of mean-ness XD


I'm not really looking for a girlfriend I'm just too emotionally weary to deal with anything like that and sex isn't really important to me but you sound like you'd be awesome to hang out with as a friend I do love video games


Hey, baby... ?


I'm here for community, I have two kids your age, and I am not hitting on you; so this is sincere: judging by what you've posted, you're intelligent and compassionate, you're an interesting woman, you seem to have your shit together as much as anyone, and you're reasonably attractive 😉

You shouldn't have any trouble finding men, but use that intelligence to weed out the jerks. The decent guys may be in the minority, but they aren't quite unicorns.

JimG Level 8 Sep 2, 2018

I agree. You would make a cool daughter-in-law. Good wishes.

I have to agree with this. I am not trying to pick you up but it seems you're quite the catch and many people would feel honored to have a chance with you!


"I can quote every MCU movie"

Excuse me while I go buy a wedding ring.

depends. complete this sentence: Trump is a ____

@LadyAlyxandrea Trump is an anomaly due to the fact that he is proof a human being can live without a brain.

@joeymf86 sold. I wear size 8.5 in rings


But.....and it's a fairly sizable but (best not get the spelling wrong) you are roughly 4,500 miles away, but other than that you sound great 🙂


Lady A,
I am sorry for you effort as if you think that you should in any way rely on the hard sell you are going for far less than you deserve. I will talk to Kate about this as I am sure you would be welcome here. (I hope you are not taking me seriously, I think you know me well enough) You have much more to offer and much more to deserve. Yes I am one of the old farts you refer to but perhaps it takes time for men to realize a good thing when they see it. Some of us are not to bright, Please do not refer to the way you look, you are drop dead beautiful, anyone who cannot see that does not deserve your attention. This is going t be the closest I come to hitting on someone, so I hope you are laughing your ass off. But seriously do not sell your self short.

ah you're sweet! lol

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