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I know this is going to sound pretty stupid but here goes. I had the police called on me while sitting at a Starbucks and I had purchased a drink. You'll have to look up this piece of exercise equipment to understand.


(I attached a grainy photo. Which just so happens to have a svelte black male wearing an Xvest. He probably would have gotten requests for an autograph at the local Starbucks...)

Now, what does that look like to you? What does that look like to you if you're sitting at a Starbucks and you see a black man wearing it? That's right, a bullet proof vest.

Next question: Is it illegal to wear a bullet proof vest as a private citizen, albeit black and male, while sitting at a Starbucks? I don't know.

Cool thing is Starbucks didn't call the cops on me. The wimpy ass customer that did call the cops on me could have approached me to ask, "Hey black male wearing a bullet proof vest, are you out of your mind?" Because that's the question I would have asked any person wearing a bullet proof vest, drinking an iced green tea, reading a book at a Starbucks. I'm serious. Do you honestly think any person would just decide to pull a pit stop at a Starbucks wearing a bullet proof vest if they were knowingly involved in a criminal enterprise? But that's what you get for being black in the first place--because white people don't commit crimes of a dumb nature--black males do.

(I'm being sarcastic with that last statement--I sincerely apologize to all black males, including myself. Actually, I wouldn't approach anybody wearing a bullet proof vest at a Starbucks, nor would I call the police on them--I don't give a f##k what anybody is wearing or doing at a Starbucks. If someone starts shooting at the person wearing the bullet proof vest I am sure I would respond differently.)

The other cool thing is the officer that approached me said to me, and I am not making this up: "Sorry to bother you with this--you look like you're taking a break from exercising. Isn't that a weight vest you have on?" I told him it was. He explained how someone thought I had a bullet proof vest on. I asked if that was illegal--he couldn't actually answer this question. I asked him if any idiot would wear a 50lb bullet proof vest; wouldn't that defeat the purpose? He took my name and information (why I don't know) and let me go.

I also asked if he thought it would be a cool idea to paint on the vest in pink letters, "Exercise Vest." He said, "I wouldn't if I were you."

By laguanhaze3
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I'm sorry our local citizens are so ignorant. I live in Stockton too.


I am so sorry you were bothered/harrassed in this way. I never knew things like this really happened until recently. I wish I could fix it. Best wishes.


As a recently retired cop I can assure you people call for the stupidest reasons and not all are racial.
I started before cell phones were even a luxury for the rich and you had to dial seven digits to reach us. When 911 and cell phones came along the stupidity of calls went up exponentially.
As far as the officer taking your name, we have to document everyone we speak to on any dispatched call, and this means full name, date of birth and address and phone number.
As an example I once had a woman call because there was someone standing on her porch, wearing a yellow safety vest and carrying a clipboard. Yes, it was the power company ringing her doorbell to tell her they were installing a new meter.


To all who responded: Thanks. This would probably be the only forum where people would get the irony and, perhaps, the sarcasm.

I forgot all about this incident until I woke up this morning and checked out Youtube. Specifically it was Trevor Noah on The Daily Show. If we can recall there was an incident where two black men, awaiting someone at a Starbucks were arrested (funny enough, by bicycle cops). Actually, I believe this episode of mine occurred before this incident made viral proportions.

But to be fair to Piratefish: I actually have no other facts to go on besides the fact of being black. It sort of stung me so much that I went back to that Starbucks and asked the manager why the police were called. She said she wasn't aware any had been called. (Which speaks volumes to the police officer and his demeanor.) As well, she said it would be silly to call the police on a patron relaxing, reading a book and wearing "a bullet proof vest," oh and enjoying an iced green tea (I think it was the Adagio brand--please give it a try, quite refreshing.) Which restored my faith in, well, humanity. Furthermore, to be fair to all police officers, I've never had an issue with a police officer. I know, how weird is that?

Please go out on a limb with me over this whole detestable situation in America. I don't have any reason to give law enforcement any problems. In fact, I've worked closely with them as a radiologic technologist in their very own facilities. Now, this will sound pejorative, I'm actually very, very "well spoken." (I'm laughing my ass off right now as I write that. Ahh, whatever! As someone might quip, I have a "very good brain," having read a lot of Shakespeare.) What I will say now will be controversial but I believe it is pertinent: While I think there is a serious problem going on here in America regarding race relations, policing of private citizenry, police brutality and a serious lack of de-escalation skills on the parts of many police departments, I still believe it's best for anyone, black or otherwise, not to resist arrest. Deduce from this what you will...

Please go out on another limb with me on this topic. I'm a bumpkin. I'm from Wheatland, CA. Check it out. I could count the number of minorities that resided within the city limits during my time there on both hands. I'm not exaggerating. I believe there is more heads of livestock there than there are human beings. What's your point Mr. OP? Everyone knows everyone there. It's not crime ridden. Imagine the culture shock when I moved to Stockton, CA. I've been asked more times if I'm gay for no other reason than I wear my pants above the upper rim of my now protuberant buttocks and use complete sentences--or so I theorize. Or maybe I act gay and don't know it, oh well, I'm not a homophobe--just to be safe on this particular stream of conscious. When I listen to my neighbors about what they've been through with local law enforcement I'm shocked. As one neighbor put it: What would you do if every time a police officer approached you he/she already had their minds made up? I honestly can't answer that question.

Moving on: I really want to thank JimG (is that a lunker you're holding, big black bass fisherman here--no puns intended). If you have a felony you would have to relinquish your protective gear--I did not know that. As well, very astute to get the intended point of my questions to the officer. That Xvest weighed about 45lbs on the day I was wearing it. It can hold up to 80lbs, I think. The point being you would defeat the purpose of wearing a heavy vest if you are walking, not running, around like a spotted bass in a barrel, so to speak, while being shot at. Pink lettering seemed appropriate too.

I sincerely thank all of you for the resounding response to my post. I have to be honest, I thought it would go unnoticed. Hope everyone gets my sense of humor. Of course, you have to have one to get one. (That didn't quite come out the way I meant.) Have a nice Labor Day all!


It does look like it could be used as a "bullet proof vest." Modern plate carriers, a vest that holds steel, Kevlar, or ceramic armor plates actually look like a weight vest. When I got out of the army, I actually gave mine to a friend to use as a weight vest.

As to the weight, yes if you are in an area with a high threat level, you would wear a very heavy vest, because nothing less than half an inch thick hardened steel even has a chance to stop a rifle round. Since you want to cover as much of your torso as possible, that will be a heavy vest.

I'm not condoning the idiot who called the police or the cop's ignorance of the law, but in my home state it's perfectly legal to wear body armor if you're not a convicted felon. Sadly, I admit that in the nearest town to me, I could walk around with a rifle slung over my shoulder, while a number of my friends would quickly find themselves being interrogated by the police for doing so. I'm sure I don't have to explain why.

Anyway, here is a picture of a cheap vest designed to hold armor plates. I am not suggesting that you purchase it. I'm pretty sure the plates would tear out the stitching and smash your toes. It's not a perfect match, but it's reasonably close.

Again it still doesn't justify anyone calling the police on you.

JimG Level 8 Sep 3, 2018

I checked your profile to make sure I was looking up the correct state law, but here you go:



Are you certain your race had anything to do with it? I have been harassed before, and even mistreated by the police. Yet race seems only to enter the picture when the person to whom it is happening is not white.

I realize this is not a popular comment, but it's a line of thinking that needs to be opened. There is a difference between racial discrimination, and just simply having ignorant people, or life, take a shit on you.

Perhaps race didn't influence the officer, but why would anyone call the police on a random stranger because they're wearing something that appears to be a protective garment?


Oh, I'm sure it was because of the color of skin. Absolutely has to be. Every time the police are called, it's a racial thing, and never because people are stupid and cannot mind their own business.

@Piratefish It's hard to say, and there are other factors obviously, since neither the caller nor the officer knew the law. Which I'm sure the police officer could have inquired about en route.

You mentioned being mistreated by police. I wouldn't categorize this as police mistreatment because for obvious reasons, they have to investigate reports. The OP didn't seem to take issue with the officer.

If you look at the link, I posted above though. I found that in under 10 seconds, including the time I spent checking the OP's location. I wonder why whoever reported him didn't have that ability.


I don't know, why are there so many ignorant, nosy, stupid people?

I just don't see what inserting race into this story has to offer. To me, it seems completely irrelevant and totally coincidental.

@Piratefish I didn't insert race. I merely asked why anyone would report someone for wearing what he/she thought was a bullet proof vest.

Obviously, you're opinion is that it's ignorance, nosiness, or stupidity. All seem like strong possibilities.


I did not say you inserted race. The OP inserted race. My comment was in response to him somehow finding a racial issue in this. I agree with you; whoever called the police is ignorant and nosy, but not necessarily racist.


I disagree. I have been harassed by the police on several occasions. I have had the police called on me before while simply waiting for a friend (I left when asked, however, and did not become argumentative with the police, which is most likely how I avoided getting arrested), I have been beaten up simply for being white. I saw a video just the other day where a white teenage boy was shot dead for daring to drive away from a cop because he had a marijuana joint (and, no, he did not try to run the cop over, just drive away). The media does not publish it when whites are mistreated, but a quick search on the internet will show you just how common it is. Unfortunately, because it does not fit the media's agenda, one has to search for the stories of police mistreating whites - it doesn't make headlines.

Also, the majority of videos I have seen where a black person is the "victim" of police mistreatment, it is because they have done something wrong (committed a crime, then refused to cooperate with the police). If you think this has anything to do with race, try doing it yourself once and see what the police do to you.

All of this aside, this story has absolutely nothing to do with the OP's race. He inserted it so people like you will make a false connection and view it as one more instance of racism. Quite frankly, that sort of thing is getting old and tired when real racism exists. Life shits on everyone. People are ignorant and nosy, and 99% of the time, it has zero to do with the color of anyone's skin. But I suppose if one wants to see bigotry and racism in everything, that is exactly what they'll see. I just wish I had that card to play every time life is unfair, I am mistreated, harassed, or even beaten.

If you think it's a one way street, you are very fortunate to have lived such a sheltered life. In the meantime, I look around and see a society that practically trips over itself to be PC and make excuses for bad behavior. A society that only mentions race when the "victim" is black, but never the multitude of times when the perpetrator is black. According to FBI statistics, although blacks only make up 12% of the population, they commit 28% of all crimes, and almost half of all violent crimes. But I suppose these factual data are just being racist.

Instead of buying into any agenda the media push, try looking at the actual raw data for yourself and form your own conclusions. Talk to people - a lot of people. I think you'd be surprised just how many whites have been the victim of police over-aggression or harassment. I certainly have, more than once.

But again, race has nothing to do with THIS story. Inserting into the narration is irrelevant and logically incorrect - literally.


Do you actually stop to read what anyone else writes, or are you just in such a hurry to be PC and get brownie points that you bang out the first snide remark that comes to mind?

No one is denying there is a problem with racism, least of all, me. What I am saying, however, is that there is absolutely zero support for racism in the OP's post. But, obviously, overzealous SJW's are reading between the lines to find exactly want they want to find.

Congratulations. Happy much?


I'm sorry but to me that doesn't look like a bulletproof vest at all the person was a complete idiot I'm sorry for stupid people


Thats shitty. People can be really dumb

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