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My next door neighbor drives me nuts. He is constantly going to his garbage can, making noise, banging shit around as if he hopes it bugs me, like he's a 2 year old brat or something. What is so fascinating or important about playing in the trash can? He seems to spend more time doing that than being inside doing whatever he needs to do to keep his mentally unstable wife from coming undone. I hate the guy with the white hot intensity of a million suns.

By SACatWalker8
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Well, hate will eventually hurt you......your neighbor will keep doing his thing anyway. You may want to find ways to cope with...

@SACatWalker I didn't assume anything, at least not intentionally...... It's just thinking out loud comments that you can choose to take it at face value, ignore or disagree. No big deal.


You know about the wife, do you know his story? Everybody's got one and his might be interesting. Next time he bangs on the cans, ask him if he's OK (if you haven't tried this already) and maybe he might open up.

Byrdsfan Level 8 Sep 3, 2018

I'm sorry for ALL of you! Have you had the "Hey, Buddy...can we work this out?" talk?

@SACatWalker Sorry...guess he's not interested in good relationships with the neighbors?


We all have that crazy should meet mine!

@SACatWalker to describe my neighbor she's Jewish but she's also a born again Christian. She's the worst of Both Worlds. I had a police officer tell me one time that i should move. I'm a single Widow, I'm not moving out of my house because of a crazy bitch.


I kind of think he may just be an inconsiderate bastard and not intentionally screwing with you. Is there a history of animosity?

He also may intentionally making a lot of noise so that the unstable wife will think he's busy and not expect him to come deal with her. I'd probably be doing that too.

JimG Level 8 Sep 3, 2018

What an odd thing to do! Maybe he feels powerless about things in his life, and the easiest way he can feel powerful is to bang things around outside, venting his frustrations. Maybe he just wants to be heard and especially annoy people, namely you, who maybe he's jealous of, because you don't seem to have the problems he's enduring, so he's spreading the pain around?

Maybe he needs some positive attention to calm him down and be respectful of others.

Is it a metal trash can? Perhaps he needs the gift of a plastic garbage can that would be quieter when he's banging things around in there. (Could act as a hint?)

I am bothered by my neighbors from time to time and have learned to turn on every noise maker I have in the house to drown out their noise... kitchen fan, clothes dryer, a/c fan, tower fans, anything that provides white noise to allow me to hear myself think. Not a lot you can do about disrespectful people.

Julie808 Level 7 Sep 3, 2018

Erm. Or the guy could just be going about his business not thinking about you at all, Which is the most likely scenario. Why do people make themselves miserable constantly spying on and bitching about their neighbors? Is this what happens when you don't have a job, you get super nosy and complain-y?


It's the bugs, he's scavenging. The crazy wife probably doesn't feed him.


Wow can't believe people do things like that. I have people above me in this apartment the kids run and scream off and on all day long it does get annoying.

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