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Oh noooooo the entire internet is down in my entire town!!!!


LadyAlyxandrea 8 Sep 3

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I hope you are back online by now or at least soon!


I have thought about getting HughesNet because we still have DSL out here in the boondocks and it has a lot of drops. I then had heard HughesNet is not all that good either. They want 400$ up front for the equipment as well.


Wait...but you're here!! Are you god?


My question is how did you post this?!?

Yes, how did you post this. Good point DD.

Phone data, but it's limited

@LadyAlyxandrea I get it, you used the phone but it would cost you because of the plan you have, I do not think about how it is used as I am around points of access which are almost always on the in. I think I get 2 Gigs free and I use maybe 10% of that at most.

@LadyAlyxandrea ahhhh...


Books my dear, books.


Internet (like wifi), phone or both?

No wifi and I have limited data


Do you have a smart phone that uses a cell phone to get the internet? But the cell phone system might be out also.

I sit here waiting for an answer. Not one of my brightest days apparently. Perhaps I should wake up.

@dalefvictor I do, but I don't have unlimited data

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