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Does your friends gift you religious books or souvenirs? What do you do if you get one? Will you reject the gift saying you are an atheist or you accept it so that their feelings don't get hurt?

Srijith 7 Jan 21

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I always save them and have a huge bonfire on the 4th of July..


My kids know better than to give anything like that. If I got a book it would go to the library or used book store. My stance is to accept, say the right thing which is usually "thank you," and then go on as I would be going on. What I do with the gift is not their business, but then I don't have relatives to keep happy and friends that would give gifts are fellow Humanists or Atheists.

Lmfao you and I got that in common. People know not to get me something like that.


I accept the gift. I even read the book or article. At least I know what they are being taught or believe in.


From my time spent in Egypt and Indonesia, I have received 3 Quarans one in English, one green and gold and in Arabic, one in Indonesian, English and Arabic, books on the life of Mohammad, Praying beads, Prayer mat, A women full white praying outfit that they use in Indonesia. and a few Hijabs. I keep them, not because I will use them but I like them, people were being kind to me by giving them to me. In my closet they stay.

Sacha Level 7 Jan 21, 2018

Well, I have many Hindu books. I will accept any gift especially books. They are literary masterpieces. E.g. Mahabharatha is an epic for Hindus. It's one of the longest epic poem in the world with 200000 verse lines.

@Srijith yes I would love one of those too! I guess all I have to do is go to one of many Indian shops in town, but I think it is so much more special when it is a gift.

@Sacha well the original one will cost more. But the translated versions will be available at lesser price. Let me see if that's what you mean. 😉 I will get in touch once I get one.


you don't have to believe in god to know that burning a book is a sin. I was given a bible once by a friend, I accepted it and dropped it off at my local library.


I have a collection, all from the same person: books, bookmarks, calendars, tchotchkes, standard stuff, all Christian. The only reason I haven't given it all away is because I don't want to have to lie if I'm ever asked about the stuff. So I think I'll just stockpile it in a box in the basement until this person dies or gets sufficiently demented. Wish I were joking.

I got a voucher for a subscription to some Christian magazine that I threw away. I hope I'm never asked...


No. None of my friends ever give me religious things. They know better lol.

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