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All this white anger at Nike for signing Kaepernick just proves it was NEVER about the protest...

Rideauxb 7 Sep 4

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Instead of him it should be the catholic church


I've been thinking about makign another trip to the Nike store. My really old shoes that Iuse to work in the yard with are almost completely fallign apart, and my newer shoes, which are stil pretty new may soon become yeard work shoes, which means I need new running/walking shoes.


It is time for All of us to stand up, or kneel....THANK YOU NIKE!


Terrible business decision for Nike:


BD66 Level 8 Sep 4, 2018

I bought a pair of Nike sneakers yesterday because of their decision.

Now expand the stock price history out to 6 months to see how ridiculous the 5-day history was.


Let's have a bit more fun with graphs to show how dire the situation is for Nike.

To quote one of the most popular athletes of all time, the first billionaire athlete, Michael Jordan, "Republicans buy shoes too" Most people watch the NFL for relaxation and enjoyment, they don't want to be subjected to political statements. Same with shoes. Most people like Nike for their artistic flair in their shoes, shorts, and shirts. They don't want political statements from Nike.

@KissedbySun I don't know many rabid NFL fans, so I'll take your word for it. So if that's the case and most rabid NFL fans enjoy watching the National Anthem, why would you pick the one player that they hate the most to be your poster boy. It's insane from a business perspective.

It depends on if you think short term or long term. They may experience soem short term issues, but they are likely to come out on "the right side of history" and will be known for "doiing the right thing" over the long term.

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