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I am looking for a boyfriend... any one wants to apply for this open position?? My mom and dad think I am adorable, but other references are available upon request. LOL 🙂

vmedel 6 Sep 5

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Hmmmmm, agnostic, parents think she's adorable, looks great in a Lamborghini, I don't know, I feel like this is a trick question...


Only if you're willing to move north.



JeffB Level 6 Sep 6, 2018

its a bloody long way to walk you home


Woman like you should have no trouble finding a boyfriend. I think distance may be a problem, but I'm sure you are as adorable as your mom and dad think you are.


When I had worked at Stroh's brewery in Pennsylvania. A friend of mine was from Chile his name was Roboto he only had the use of one arm because of a birth defect. He worked harder than most people with 2 arms. Love your countries langoustines.

I am sure his name was Roberto tho 😛 thank you for your comment.

@vmedel Yea spelling is not one of my strengths.


I'll be down that way in November. Heading on a road trip to California then back through the Midwest until I return to Florida. I'm looking at moving to the Southern East Coast of Fl.


Any man would be lucky.. Living in Florida 😛 good luck

kng01 Level 5 Sep 5, 2018



While some men on this site are intelligent, many are juvenile, good luck sister!

Yes, "some," not all, on this site are intelligent - -

Although I am not at all interested in men from a dating perspective, from a debate perspective I have encountered a plethora "men?" on these pages that arrogantly promote such juvenile assertions as insisting "faith" (belief without evidence) is a better method to discover truth then science. etc. - - - the list goes on - - - The title of this service does not filter less then rational people from these pages.

I would have prefaced this post with "I am looking for a quality boyfriend. . ". Then dictate the parameters of quality

@NoMagicCookie yes, quality is a word I should have added to one post I made, thank you for the suggestion.

Some just want to make you laugh and tease you! LOL
No thanks; you can get that from your girlfriends. ?
Good luck to both of you wonderful women!

Guilty! ??


In addition to my bio, I've been told that I have a big heart & a wicked sense of humor. I'm gainfully employed & then some (three jobs at present). Plus I'm quite a good dancer. References available upon request. 😉


(puts home up for sale, packs bags)


Tanto tiempo, tanto espacio...y coincidir !!! Most definitely your mom and dad know best. I wish you'll get tons of applications !!! (Aca entre nos, me hiciste sonreir... Gracias !!!) Cheers & best of luck !!!!

un abrazo


Where is the application form? You are adorable, is that your convertible? Looks like a Lambo. I have one as well, a Jaguar 😉 Does that mean we match?

no is not my lambo...I just think is a nice car!!!

@JustKip It is a Lambo tho!! ;P

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