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What to name an athiest's child without religious mention. For me in India have very few options in the southern region.
does anyone struggled to name thier child??

Janakiraman 5 Jan 22

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Go with something that means something to you. To hell with what other people think it means or want it to mean.


We named our son after the bay we dived a lot that year. TALLAND. He's a grown man nowadays -I don't think he likes his name. Our daughter is called Rita. I think there is a Christian saint called Rita but that's not why we called her that


My son's name is Ayaansh, it means part of the parents. Since it was chosen by my wife, I faced no struggle at all. 🙂 you have lot of such names now. You can check, many Christians have sanskrit names which has no religious meaning.

I like that name. My time for having kids has passed but maybe I'll try and persuade my kids to call their kids something like that


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