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POTUS looked drunk when he tried to pronounce "anonymous" three times. LOL

ArgosFriend 7 Sep 7

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Don't you mean "anomonus?"

Sometimes the symptoms of acute inebriation closely resemble those of chronic ignorance.

JimG Level 8 Sep 7, 2018

Quite true.


What little brain he has is rotting before our eyes.


Drunk or just a fucked up brain! The man is as mad as a hatter in my opinion.

Oh definitely.

@ArgosFriend But dangerous!


He does not drink though.

Really? I have my doubts about anything about him. Not calling you wrong, but I can't imagine that he doesn't drink at all. Either way, when he was trying to say Anonymous, he definitely sounded drunk to me.

@ArgosFriend I don't really watch that much mainstream news I have antennas they pick up 7 or so channels. I watch Netflix and Amazon Prime no commercials and I can pick and choose what I watch.


I heard that and thought "what the fuck?!" Easy to imagine that he looked drunk. lol


I know l had to drink while l watched him.


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