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Boo hoo! The alt-right is having such a hard time of it.

By kmdskit38
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I like the idea behind the article, but I am not so optimistic to think they are all but defeated.

Nazis and white supremacists are assholes. People generally don't stop beign assholes that quickly.

Trump and republicans are still in charge, so don't count on the alr-right losing support.

The GOP has to a certain degree openly taken up the white nationalist's agenda but the alt-right of Charlottesville is on hard times. That's what the article is saying but you are correct their threat is far from over.


I love it when Nazis get their asses kicked!


Love it!! Karma is such a bitch!


Love it!! Karma is such a bitch!


I'm just sad it didn't mention the rally where no one showed up and they admitted they were afraid of antifa and of internet backlash.

If you're a nazi and you're fired,
it's your fault!
clap clap
If you're a nazi and you're fired,
it's your fault!
clap clap
If you were spotted in the mob,
and you lost your normal job...
You're a nazi, and you're fired!
It's your fault!

Love the song!

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