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Russian navy has permanent presence in Mediterranean as US influence diminishes.

kmdskit3 8 Sep 9

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Make Russia Great Again.

Bring back the Czar?


Why is the US always shocked and concerned whenever anyone but the US has military assets overseas? Does it ever occur to Americans that their decades of hegemony and gunboat diplomacy has caused other nations to try to secure their own borders from American aggression?
US military might has never been stronger and yet Americans are still paranoid that foreign powers will be a threat to their dominion over the planet.
Take care of your veterans, feed your hungry and house your homeless first, then engage in these useless wars for profit if you have any money left over.

I agree but would you also agree that Russia's growing influence is even worse?

@kmdskit3 I would agree that the balance of power is constantly shifting, empires rise and fall. Is one any better than another? I suppose it depends which side of the power balance you are on and what point it is in the life cycle of the empire. In the West we are programmed to accept that the Russians are the evil empire and we are on the side of the angels, somehow I think the roles are reversed in Russia.

@Surfpirate How about Russia is a full-fledged oligarchy/kleptocracy run by true gangsters and we at least try to be a democracy?

@kmdskit3 Do we really? Go live in South America or other parts of the world that have been systemically dominated and exploited by the American hegemony for more than a century and then rethink your position. It becomes a case of lesser evils all over again and we saw how that played out in the last election cycle.

@Surfpirate You're kinda goin' off topic. Yes the US has been and continues being an imperial power as Russia is trying to do again but I'm sure most Europeans look at Russia's growing ambitions with alarm and want us to become more involved.

@kmdskit3 As I mentioned earlier it depends which side of the power balance you are on and the Western Europeans are on the American side so of course they are concerned.



Yep. Especially for those of you in Europe.

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