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The start of football season and I don't think I've ever had less interest. I used to be really into it. Maybe as things go along...

Secretguy 7 Sep 9

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I can think of little that I have less interest in than football.


It's not possible for me to care less about football.


I'm way past maturation. It's more the silly amounts of money involved...players that act like jackasses...and (forgive me, ladies) the pussification of the game.
Also, with what's happening in the country right now, it's hard to get great enjoyment our of anything.


I'm excited - I'm a diehard New England Patriots fan while Dan is a Green Bay Packers fan. Horror-I went to turn the Pats game on at 1:00 and its not on in the Albany, NY area -It's Buffalo Bills vs.Baltimore Ravens. Watching Halftime report to catch the score. Sad


No interest in football. Love Baseball but the season lasts too long.

@maturin1919 LOL! Football is ridiculous.

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