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So how is your small talk?

HippieChick58 9 Jan 22

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I did not realize it was so small. Hope this works better


Isn't that small read? 😉

I did not realize that was so small


Listening with my good eyes. ....hurricane weather talk can get a little boring. ....have a nice day shit is better left unsaid. ....the tiny rant could be therapist dialogue but I speak real and respect the same. ....if the other person is neurotic no matter who I make the referral to an ethical clinician. ...time to lick ones own wounds not sell the salty taste to a lover


Knitting or yarn chat anyone?? Or game of thrones?? 😛 Perhaps warcraft??


Bad enough that I need a magnifying glass.


Yep... that's some small talk. What!... no what's up? Lol.

whats up?


rather small. you might say extra average small.

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