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I have spent weeks measuring myself. is an honest litmus test.

However, there is something going on that I do not understand, but I can sense it.

There are word association-links all over the place. They are threads. They are threads to "what"?

There have got to be some code-level analysts out there in agnostic-land.

What the hell are we tapped in to?

Jack-of-scythes 6 Jan 25

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You can find these idiosyncrasies in your social life as well but a primary example of this code would be texting someone about a product or activity then immediately seeing an advertisement for it. This happens to everyone everywhere - to me, especially in the physical realm, this is a system of mother nature and will be thwarted out via science.

Consider humanity as a body. Each individual a part of the whole. Someones a blood cell, liver cell. Consider humanity as a whole contracting diseases (trump) and curing them (social justice).


Any hashtag can be sourced through applying the proper algorithm. It's as simple as telling the program to search for the structure, #example when clicked on. That's the easiest way to put it without going into coding. That may be similar to what is happening here. Although I'm not entirely sure what you are referring to.


Do you mean on a Da Vinci level or a cryptology level?

I'm also confused, I went with computer code, as I think he means there is a correlative search happening using the word "what" as a search parameter.

@jayneonacobb sure it is not google just had see that they have some data collecting thing?

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