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Here's an idea: Since religionists apparently believe that atheists/ non-believers are evil and the cause of much of the world's troubles, wouldn't it be interesting to poll state and federal prisoners, particularly the more hardcore inmates, as to their propensity toward belief, or the lack, in a deity?

What do you think the results would be?

Condor5 8 Sep 19

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we don't have to poll anyone, and a poll would be the least accurate form of study anyway. christians form the vast majority of prisoners in the united states.



There have been studies about the number of athiests in jail, and the high-end estimate is .1%, but most people think it isn't that high. Some think the number is way higher than that because religious inmates get special privileges-like group meetings and time with a Chaplin to talk about problems. So the thought is people fake religion to get those privileges. I'm not so sure that is true, based on the rather staunch opinions of many athiests I know. But I don't know any in prison, so I could be off base. 🙂

Holli Level 6 Sep 19, 2018

not the freshest numbers, but an indication,....[]

Interesting data/numbers. To jniece's point (below), one has to really wonder how effective rehabilitative programs are as recidivism is typically rather high. It would also seem the many inmates espouse religion because that's what those who determine their parole status want to hear.

@Condor5 no surprises there i suppose. its a pitiful situation.


Everybody finds Jesus in prison. And they almost always return!

That's the jeezus of convenience, yeah?

@Condor5 many seem very sincere

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