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Clueless irony

HippieChick58 9 Sep 19

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Trump thinks it does.


Self righteous clueless irony!


No shit.


I've heard of plenty of religious people that later on admit they are atheists but kept taking the paycheck anyway. This could be one of those cases. They have to know its a con job, don't they?

No, this sort of un-ironic pronouncement is commonplace. Fundamentalists define "lies" as "anything that contradicts god's word" and "truth" as the inverse. So from their perspective, if I "believe" there is no god or that homo sapiens is the product of natural selection, they'll tell me my "belief" in those "lies" doesn't make them true.

Everything hinges on definitions.

I think that nearly all religious people know that it's all a lie. But they've been taught that it's good to lie about that. That's why they hate Atheists so much. When we say that the Emperor has no clothes it makes them admit to themselves that their lives are a lie. It makes them hate themselves, and they take it out on us.


They've missed the boat.......


They just have no clue........

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