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How do you deal with gullible people?

patricksile 3 Sep 20

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Thanks to you folks, I will follow some of your point of view.


Maintain your honesty.


Feel pity for them.


It depends on who they are. When I hear my mother very earnestly insisting in a conversation with my aunt that Ouija boards are dangerous, I just roll my eyes and walk away. When my daughter was 11 and insisted that everything in the news has to be true I bought her a National Enquirer to read.

If the gullible person insists on preaching, I point out that there is more evidence that bigfoot exists than there is that gods do.

JimG Level 8 Sep 20, 2018

I fuck with them endlessly! I make up things that are impossible just to see if they will believe. Eventually they learn to question EVERYTHING I say, hopefully to question everything in general.


Avoid churches

Qiru Level 6 Sep 20, 2018

i try not to lead them up any garden paths.

i show them facts.



Hey buddy you want to buy the title to a gold mine

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