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In light of the Kavanaugh story; a woman talks about sexual assault.

kmdskit3 8 Sep 21

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Her story plays itself out every weekend - somewhere. Insecurity is part of teenage angst - and girls (and boys) do stupid things at that age because they think it will bring them peer acceptance. Self respect (unfortunately) comes in second behind that....
And most of the girls think they need to stay quiet because 😇 they are the only one this has happened to - therefore, there must be something "wrong" with them and/or 🍺 they truly believe that no one will believe their story. After all - that boy comes from such a gooooood family - he couldn't possibly be that disrespectful, right?
I hate to say it - but the only way this will ever change is for girls/women to speak out when it happens and for parents to teach their sons that no means no.

Couldn't agree more.


I'm sorry to have to say it , but this girl , is just plain stupid .


This is very accurate, very true. Girls were taught to be pleasing, to submit. I am so glad the tide is turning.

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