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This January in New Zealand has been the hottest since records were kept.41degrees celcius today in is 7-28 pm and it is 45 degrees celcius up in our ceiling and 30 degrees celcius inside the house.I pity any electrician or other worker who has to go up in a ceiling to work.

PeterJohn 6 Jan 26

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For my American friends who are metric challenged, the 46 degrees Celsius briefly shown in this video translates to 114.8 Fahrenheit. The 50 mentioned is 122, and that IS hot by even the standards of people in Phoenix, AZ. The poor folks down in Sydney/Melbourne aren't accustomed to that much heat.


I will trade you your hottest day for my coldest night.


41 degrees Celcius? Time to move to a more temperate zone, mate.

I think I had 118 in Vegas... I know for sure 115. I grew up in the Caribbean... never spring, fall or winter... just summer so as a Navy guy I had been to the Equatorial Line in August and the Arctic Circle in February. Hot may not be as romantic as Cold but I take Hot. My skin does not need protection, I tan beautifully dark and there is that aspect of returning back to the original state of mankind... nakedness because is too fucking hot.


and there is no climate change lol


Is that North or South island


Yes sir Im feeling it

Sacha Level 7 Jan 26, 2018

Yikes! That's hot. Do you attribute it to global climate change or something else?

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